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Charmed - Season 3 Episode 16 - Episode 16

Genre: Drama , Fantasy


Country: USA

Episode: 68/83 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6

Season 4 - Charmed
"Mel suddenly finds herself haunted by memories of her mysterious breakup with Ruby, while Maggie's demon-hunting habit puts strain on her relationship with Jordan. Harry tries to train the newest Charmed One, but gets derailed when they all must focus on a formidable new nemesis who starts wreaking havoc throughout the magical world."
"As the new charmed one comes to terms with her powers, she finds herself resistant to accepting her destiny. Mel becomes protective, while Maggie is apathetic and aloof."
"Mel and Maggie are learning to navigate life without their sister Macy. Mel distracts herself with new flings. Maggie takes on more than her share of demon hunting. Jordan teams up with Maggie while navigating his newfound magical powers."
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