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Island of Bryan - Season 4 Episode 12 - Pool Side

As Bryan and Sarah begin the finishing stage of the addition, they consider custom details vs. resale.

Genre: Adventure , Family , Reality-TV


Country: Bahamas

Episode: 39/39 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 10

Season 4 - Island of Bryan
"As Bryan and Sarah begin the finishing stage of the addition, they consider custom details vs. resale."
"A trip to the Florida Keys inspires the Baeumlers' house design. They find a new living situation as construction continues."
"Bryan and Sarah struggle with their communication skills when it comes to the build and their new vacation rental property. The long awaited second story of the house starts to take shape."
"Bryan and Sarah make a big decision about the hotel. Bryan has a hard time understanding the design vision for their pool bathroom."
"The Baeumlers spend time on the island and consider what lies ahead for the hotel and their family."
"A scheduling snafu adds stress to the Baeumlers’ already strained living arrangement. Bryan finishes the hangar."
"The Baeumlers encounter roadblocks with the build as they look towards an uncertain living situation; Bryan's parents visit Florida."
"Division of labour proves to be an issue when Bryan and Sarah don't see eye-to-eye on renovation priorities; Sarah's office is completed."
"As progress is made on their Florida house, Bryan and Sarah have different ideas about their lives after the hotel. Bryan takes an unexpected road trip."
"Bryan tackles off-season projects at the hotel with a special helper, while Sarah begins to define her new chapter in Florida."
"The Baeumler's attempt to live in half of their house while they start their renovation; their scope of work increases."
"With Caerula Mar Club now running as smoothly as can be expected, the Baeumler's plan to set up their new home base in Florida, just a short commute from the hotel."
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