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Los Espookys - Season 1 Episode 1 - El exorcismo

Having successfully delivered an elaborate horror motif to his sister's 15th birthday party, laid-back Renaldo enlists his three best friends--Andres, Ursula and Tati--to create a business based on conjuring thrills and chills for a variety of clients. After a meeting with Father Francesco, the group agrees to orchestrate a staged exorcism that will elevate Francesco above the hot new priest who's usurped the spotlight.

Genre: Horror , Comedy


Country: Mexico

Episode: 1/12 eps

Duration: 26 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6.4

Season 2 - Los Espookys
"Without valet work, a struggling Tico still manages to impart advice to Andrés. After receiving a symbolic apology from Andrés, Los Espookys stage an eclipse during Mayor Teresa’s last speech before the election. Later, Renaldo comes closer to figuring out the truth about Karina’s onstage death."
"An aging actor recruits the increasingly tense Los Espookys crew to get her monotonous sitcom canceled. Meanwhile, Renaldo visits the other pageant participants, and Ambassador Melanie’s dream of running the Miami Embassy is upended."
"Tati’s writing career takes off as Andrés adjusts to his new role of evil stepfather. While Los Espookys help a previous client confront her husband, Renaldo investigates the death of slain pageant queen Karina, who continues to haunt him."
"Delighted with the success of her town’s attractions, Mayor Teresa runs for president – and gets unexpected guidance from Úrsula. When Los Espookys must help a professor prove his bogus theory about ancient queer people, Renaldo looks to Tico for assistance. After Úrsula kicks Andrés out to make room for a freshly divorced Tati, he finds a new home with a rich handsome widower."
"Los Espookys’ latest gig sees Renaldo transforming into a student role model and monster named Bibi’s (with an apostrophe). After learning Tico and Sonia are moving back, Andrés searches for a new place to live – as does his parasitic demon, who bids him farewell for a new opportunity as Ambassador Melanie’s intern. Later, Tati’s marriage implodes."
"Much has changed for Los Espookys: Renaldo is haunted by the ghost of a pageant queen, Andrés has relinquished the title of chocolate empire scion, Tati is married, and Úrsula is plagued by mysterious phone calls. As they take on their newest client – an incompetent groundskeeper hoping to get grieving families off his back –Tico faces a career transition."
Season 1 - Los Espookys