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Circuit Breakers

In this sci-fi anthology series, curiosity leads to chaos when students in the near future experience mysterious events.

Duration: 25 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Circuit Breakers
"In a self-sustaining home on Mars, Cricket and her family prepare to host visitors, but a storm jeopardizes their plans and safety."
"Siblings Jack and Cassady buy a new remote for their media room and discover it can control their overbearing parents—for better and worse."
"When time seemingly freezes, a mismatched group of students get trapped in detention and must work together to find a way out."
"Carefree student Seth and his strict principal mistakenly swap bodies when a school presentation goes wrong."
"After her parents’ divorce, Emily uses a memory therapy device to relive happier times—until an error threatens to erase the past forever."
"Jacob is desperate to make the school track team and his height is holding him back. Can a medical research lab help him grow faster?"