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Finding Carter

A teenager finds out she was abducted as a toddler and returns to her biological family.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.2

Season 2 - Finding Carter
"Carter uncovers a shocking truth after someone close to her is murdered. In the midst of legal battles, David and Elizabeth petition for temporary custody of Ben."
"After a shocking turn of events, Carter must decide how she feels about Jared. Ben must pay the price for his past misdeeds, and Bird deals with a personal crisis in the aftermath of a loved one’s death."
"The death of a loved one leaves Carter and Max searching for the truth about those closest to them; and Elizabeth discovers an unlikely ally in her effort to protect her family."
"New obstacles threaten Jared and Carter's relationship; Max deals with the aftermath of his father's trial."
"After learning shocking news about Jared, Carter must figure out the truth. Ultimately, Jared’s past mistakes come back to haunt everyone at Carter’s biggest party to date. Meanwhile, the Wilson family attempts to deal with Carter’s absence in surprising ways."
"Carter and Elizabeth’s relationship is pushed to the edge when Elizabeth oversteps her bounds just as Lori, inches her way into Carter’s life. Meanwhile, Max’s abusive father is up for parole."
"Everything comes to light for Carter, Taylor, Max and Ben at a house concert."
"Carter and Ben face off over secrets and lies; Elizabeth learns the truth about Carter; Carter must fight to earn trust."
"Carter feels sparks with someone new as she tries to figure out how to save the bar; Max takes Grant under his wing; things come to a head."
"Lori reveals shocking news about Ben; Carter digs deeper into Ben's secret life; Taylor urges Max to help Gabe."
"Carter struggles to keep up with school and her secret job at the bar; Taylor and Max try to celebrate an anniversary; Crash gets a new assignment."
"After learning about the outcome of Lori's trial, Carter wants to get to know her brother; David and Elizabeth fight over Lori's latest surprise."
"Carter vows to put an end to Lori's manipulation, but Lori drops a bombshell that rattles the entire Wilson household."
"Carter must deal with new parents, a twin sister and a brand new high school; Carter vows to find the only mother she has ever known."
"While camping with friends, Carter ponders revealing a secret that could change everything for the people she loves the most."
"Upon hearing surprising news about Lori, Carter and Max take a road trip together."
"Carter is grounded just as an old friend arrives with alarming information about Lori; and Taylor sees Max in a different light after learning about his past."
"Taylor throws herself into planning a big school event and Carter tries to make sense of it."
"Carter attempts to save Crash from a dire situation; David and Elizabeth weigh heavy decisions."
"The school counsellor advises Carter to take her studies more seriously; Taylor learns the truth."
"A person from Carter's past offers new, game-changing insights on Lori; Joan's intervention with Grant causes family drama."
"The Wilsons put aside their tensions to celebrate Joan and Buddy's anniversary. Meanwhile, a struggling Max must take a job from an unlikely source."
"The Wilsons try to get justice for Carter's kidnapping, but are tested by secrets."
"Lori kidnaps Carter for a second time and the Wilson family learns the truth."
Season 1 - Finding Carter