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Killer Sally

Interviews with friends, family and Sally McNeil herself chart a bodybuilding couple’s rocky marriage — and its shocking end in a Valentine's Day murder.

Genre: Documentary , Crime

Actor: Sally McNeil , Peggy Hook , John McNeil


Country: United States

Duration: 149 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 6.278

Season 1 - Killer Sally
"Sally's trial attracts a media frenzy when it begins on Valentine's Day, 1996. Later, following Sally's testimony, the jury renders a verdict."
"After Ray's death, lurid details of the McNeils' volatile marriage emerge and Sally's claims of self-defense meet new scrutiny."
"Sally and Ray McNeil meet and fall in love via a shared interest in bodybuilding. But their seemingly happy marriage masks a life of violence and abuse."