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People Magazine Investigates

Uncover the heart-wrenching true stories behind crimes that transcended headlines and became part of popular culture. Exclusive first hand interviews reveal shocking twists, new evidence, and unexpected resolutions.

Genre: Crime

Actor: Steve Helling


Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.8

Season 6 - People Magazine Investigates
"When neighbors find a young teacher axed to death on Friday the 13th, a sleepy suburb fears a psychopath is loose; the bloody crime scene leads police to a most unlikely suspect, unfolding a story people still have to see to believe 40 years later."
"In 2011, a husband returns home to find his wife dead on the living room floor. He tells first responders she committed suicide, but it was murder. Police zero in on the husband and what unfolds is one of the most outrageous tales in recent history."
"In May 2002, a couple goes missing in Ocean City, Maryland. It's almost as if they vanished into thin air until a random, late-night burglary leads police to discover a tale of deception, brutality and savagery, the likes of which they have never seen."
"A 19-year-old coed leaves her apartment and never returns. When her body is found in a desert river basin, police and internet sleuths alike wonder if she was a victim of an alleged killer known as The Zombie Hunter."
"When a young woman goes missing, a rookie police officer's intuition leads to an intense investigation, as they race against the clock to find her."
"In 2020, a Mennonite woman goes missing from her small religious community. They find her body, but forensic evidence leads them to a dead end, stymieing law enforcement. Detectives get creative in an effort to find their suspect."
"One family's American dream goes up in flames. As they try to rebuild what's left, they vow never to extinguish their search for justice."
"The murder of James Byrd, Jr. throws his family into turmoil as law enforcement investigates one of the most gruesome hate crimes in U.S. history."
"In 1984, a slew of brutal hammer attacks leaves a Colorado community in fear. It takes nearly 40 years before a serial killer is brought to justice."
"Five young people disappeared over a span of four years in the rural area of Lewis-Clark Valley, along the Idaho-Washington border. Investigators search for links to the mysterious cases."
"During an armed robbery, a father of three is fatally shot, but for 23 years, another family questions if the wrong man is behind bars."
"A mother's bond to her daughter is put to the ultimate test when one of them shoots a man dead."
"A savage killer goes on a homicidal rampage and then abducts two young siblings from their home in the middle of the night. The children quickly decide they will do whatever is necessary to survive."
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