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Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror

A four-part documentary telling the story of LGBTQIA+ horror and the relationship between queer audiences and horror, and the queer horror community as a whole.

Duration: NA

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror
"Gay director James Whale makes four classics that pave the way for all Hollywood horror movies after, but his career was dimmed by anti-gay sentiment; Alfred Hitchcock uses queer characters and queer coded stories to keep audiences in suspense."
"Queer gothic writers Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker invent the horror genre with "Frankenstein," "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Dracula"; when cinema arrives, queer director F.W. Murnau shocks the world with his queer-coded "Nosferatu.""