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Wild Crime

Eighty-five million acres make up the National Park System, and only 33 special agents nationwide are responsible for investigating crimes that occur on this public land. This documentary series follows the uniquely qualified team that leads the investigations as they seek to bring law and order to some of America’s most rugged and remote landscapes, tackling a new case each season.

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 6.2

Season 2 - Wild Crime
"We meet Jane Doe’s friends, learn about her family, life in a cult and other men who may have killed her. Investigators name their likely perpetrator."
"Hikers find a skull. Years later, Kim Tucker’s son Cullen takes on the case. After 40 years, Jane Doe is identified with new DNA technology."
"Yosemite: a hand is found, a serial killer confesses. But he’s lied about committing hundreds of murders. Is this one real – or a false confession?"
Season 1 - Wild Crime